2016 Conference Workshop Presentations and Handouts

Navigating Housing and Employment Resources for Youth Aging Out of Care
Presented by: Jessica Kendall, J.D., Family Self-Sufficiency Technical Specialist,
ICF International; Kelly Canter, MSW, Child Welfare Information Gateway Technical Specialist, ICF International; Alisa Santucci, LGMFT, Principal, ICF International
• Powerpoint Presentation

It’s Not Who I Am; It’s What Happened to Me
Presented by: Suamhirs Piraino-Guzman
• Presentation will be available on Suamhirs website, www.suamhirs.com

Family Drug Court and CASA – A Unique Partnership
Presented by: Dr. Jocelyn Gainers, Executive Director, Family Recovery Program, Baltimore City; Nancy Kay Blackwell, Executive Director, CASA of Baltimore City; Richard Harris, CASA of Washington, DC
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Case Study Handouts

Trauma Responsive – What Does it Mean to You?
Presented by: Dr. Frederick Strieder, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Social Work
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Links to YouTube videos in presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8vZxDa2KPM and http://caregiversfilm.com/

CINA Law 201 – Where the Law Meets Reality
Presented by: Richard Perry, Esq., Attorney, Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
Powerpoint Presentation

Child Sex Trafficking – What CASAs and Child Welfare Professionals Need to Know
Presented by:  Amelia Rubenstein LCSW-C, Clinical Research Specialist, Child Sex Trafficking Victims Initiative, University of Maryland School of Social Work; Nadine Finigan-Carr, PhD, Principal Investigator, Child Sex Trafficking Victims Initiative, University of Maryland School of Social Work
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Case Scenario Handouts

Ready by 21, Thriving@25: Opportunities to Support Older Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
Presented by: Sara Bowman, Transitional Planning Facilitator, The Institute for Innovation & Implementation, University of Maryland School of Social Work
• Powerpoint Presentation

Identification, Response, and Remediation: Navigating the Disability and IEP Waters
Presented by: Jennifer Kelleher, M.Ed, PG Cert, Education Director, Baltimore Lab School; Dr. Eddie Oliver, Psychologist, Baltimore Lab School
• Watch the presentation online here
• Powerpoint Presentation

Promoting Healthy Development and Well-Being of Infants and Young Children in Foster Care
Presented by: Barbara Nathanson, LCSW-C, Clinical Instructor, University of Maryland School of Social Work
• Powerpoint Presentation

New Laws that Affect CINA Cases
Presented by: Melissa Rock, Child Welfare Director, Advocates for Children & Youth
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Handouts

Too Many Losses, Too Soon: Loss and Grief among Foster and Adopted Children
Presented by: Lisa Dominguez, Director of Clinical Services, Center for Adoption Support & Education
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Handouts

Children from Immigrant Families: Assessing for Immigration Relief
Presented by: Cristina Cooper, Esq., Senior Counsel, ABA Center on Children and the Law;
Dr. Elaine Kelley, PhD, MSW, Policy Analyst, Family Immigration & Victim Protection Division, Office of Policy and Strategy, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Handouts
• Services Available to Victims of Human Trafficking

There are no presentations to share for the following workshops:
• Panel: Building Relationships with Professionals in Your Case
• Out of Home Placements – from Diagnosis to Discharge
• Street & Prescription Drug Abuse Among Youth and Adults
• The Youths’ Perspective: Current and Former Foster Youth Panel