Assessing Immigrant Children & Their Families, a CASA Perspective Webinar CEUs and Certificates

Thank you for attending the Assessing Immigrant Children & Their Families, a CASA Perspective webinar on June 27th. We are authorized by the Board of Social Work Examiners to issue Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for licensed social workers in the State of Maryland. All other participants are issued a Certificate of Completion. Hours were prorated based on the recorded number of active minutes spent in the webinar.

To download and print your CEUs or certificates, please find your name below.  Clicking on your name will direct you to a new tab containing your document.  If you attended the webinar and you do not see your name or have a certificate attached to your name, please contact us at

Dorothy Austin

Rubin Ballesteros

Monique Bartolomey

Ann Marie Binsner

Debbie Blumenthal

Marcia Brooks

Alison Bujanovich

Jeannine Bulbulia

Carissa Byrd

Erica Byrne

Andrea Cali

Victoria Cearfoss

LaShonda Coleman

Kristin Collins

Andrea Countryman

Susan Daddio

Pamela Dorsey

Sara Furlow

Jennifer Fuss

Bruce Gasparo

Barbara Grant

Theona Hall

Page Hewitt

Bonnita Hill

Cyril Jardine

Sarah Kaplan

Paula Katz

Ed Killcullen

Beverly Kuykendall

Martha Landesberg

Beatrice Lewis

Jecelyn Litzenberger

C. Val Llewellyn

Karen Lovelace

Geraldine Lyles

Sally Matts

Katherine McVicker

Mattie Meehan

Kerry Miciotto

Elizabeth Naylor

Joyce Ordun

Agnes Reid

Iris Roark

Megan Saperstein

Janice Schwarz-Lantner

Brad Senn

Tiffany Simpson

Deanna Speir

Phyllis Velte-Jones

Jillian Waybright

LaTarSha Whitaker

Tammy White