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A Court-Appointed Special Advocate or CASA is a trained volunteer advocate who serves as the “eyes and ears” of the court in cases of child abuse and neglect. CASAs gather information from the child, his/her biological parents, foster parents, teachers, counselors, etc. and make recommendations to the judge as to what course of action is in the child’s best interest. In the complex environment of the foster care and court systems, the CASA is often the only individual who works only on behalf of the child.

According to various studies* across the country of young people who have aged out of foster care without a permanent family:

  • 12-30 percent struggled with homelessness.young man solo crop
  • 40-63 percent did not complete high school.
  • 25-55 percent were unemployed; those employed had average earnings below the poverty level, and only 38 percent of those employed were still working after one year.
  • 30-62 percent had trouble accessing health care due to inadequate finances or lack of insurance.
  • 32-40 percent were forced to rely on some form of public assistance and 50 percent experienced extreme financial hardship.
  • 31-42 percent had been arrested.
  • 18-26 percent were incarcerated.
  • 40-60 percent of the young women were pregnant within 12-18 months of leaving foster care.

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Current case: “I have been working with my current CASA, a 16-year-old girl, for 6 years and have been the only consistent adult presence in her life. These days, we meet once a week to talk about her personal issues and discuss future plans. She has expressed an interest in college, so we go to the library together to research schools and applications. I also encourage her to pursue part-time employment and teach her how to advocate for herself so she has access to all of the resources she needs, like independent living skills training.” Full Profile
Lauren Supplee Casa of Montgomery County


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