Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Cowin

What was your motivation for becoming a CASA volunteer: My wife and I have always been passionate about CASA and the work they do for children. Our two sons had severe special needs stemming from a rare syndrome that significantly shortened their lives.  And as their Dad, I believe that I developed a heightened level… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Campagnoli

Name: Michael Campagnoli Service Site: Frederick County How long have you been a CASA volunteer? As a CASA volunteer, I am now going into my second year. Work experience outside of CASA: My career outside of being a CASA is in the pharmaceutical industry with over 20 years with experience in sales management, marketing, regulatory, finance and legal. My… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen G. Krawczak

Name: Ellen G. Krawczak Service Site: Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services, Inc. How long have you been a CASA volunteer?  Approximately 5 years. Work Experience outside of CASA: I was a paralegal who worked at a brokerage firm, a consumer finance company and a law firm. After I had children I did substitute teaching.  Later… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Caryn Weaver

Name: Caryn Weaver Service Site: Anne Arundel County How long have you been a CASA volunteer? I have been a CASA for one year. Work Experience outside of CASA: My background includes being a Vice President of a Direct Marketing company, doing graphic designing with an emphasis on marketing, branding & direct mail. How did… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Janet T. Mengel

Name: Janet T. Mengel Service Site: I am a CASA volunteer in Worcester County MD and our office is in Downtown Berlin. How long have you been a CASA volunteer? I have been a CASA volunteer for 8 years. Work Experience outside of CASA: Before moving to the Eastern Shore, I worked for Howard County… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Patricia Stack

Occupation:  Retired Human Resource Professional Volunteer for:  Voices for Children of Carroll County Motivation for becoming a CASA:  Upon retirement, I was determined to find something meaningful to do with my free time.  My daughter, who is a therapist and works with CASA’s involved in her own cases, suggested that I look into my local… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary R. Towe

Occupation:  Registered Nurse, currently retired CASA program affiliation:  Washington County Supervisor: Tasha Walls Motivation for Becoming a CASA Volunteer:  My passion is women and children.  As a volunteer for Office of Community Grant Management, Local Management Board of Washington County, I learned of the many unmet needs of families and children in the county. The… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie A. Hawes

        Age: 47 Community: Forest Hill Occupation: Attorney (Currently inactive while I raise my children) CASA Program Affiliation: Harford County Motivation for Becoming a CASA: I want to give those children who are lacking in recourses, guidance and opportunity the ability to have a single person in their lives that they can… Read more »

Lauren Supplee — CASA of Montgomery County

lauren supplee (2)

Name: Lauren Supplee Age: 38 Community: Silver Spring Occupation: Child and family policy researcher CASA program affiliation: CASA of Montgomery County Volunteer for: 7 years Motivation: “I became a CASA volunteer because my job involves child welfare policy and I wanted to stay connected to the kids we serve.” Current case: “I have been working… Read more »

Chief Arnold R. Downing – Worcester County

Cheif Downing Photo

Name: Chief Arnold R. Downing Service Site: Board Member, Worcester County Length of Service: 7 years Background: Arnold is the Chief of Police for the Berlin Police Department in Worcester County. He has an Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and deviance and a Master’s degree in public administration. He is an instructor for the police training commission and… Read more »