Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen G. Krawczak

Name: Ellen G. Krawczak Service Site: Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services, Inc. How long have you been a CASA volunteer?  Approximately 5 years. Work Experience outside of CASA: I was a paralegal who worked at a brokerage firm, a consumer finance company and a law firm. After I had children I did substitute teaching.  Later… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Caryn Weaver

Name: Caryn Weaver Service Site: Anne Arundel County How long have you been a CASA volunteer? I have been a CASA for one year. Work Experience outside of CASA: My background includes being a Vice President of a Direct Marketing company, doing graphic designing with an emphasis on marketing, branding & direct mail. How did… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Janet T. Mengel

Name: Janet T. Mengel Service Site: I am a CASA volunteer in Worcester County MD and our office is in Downtown Berlin. How long have you been a CASA volunteer? I have been a CASA volunteer for 8 years. Work Experience outside of CASA: Before moving to the Eastern Shore, I worked for Howard County… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Patricia Stack

Occupation:  Retired Human Resource Professional Volunteer for:  Voices for Children of Carroll County Motivation for becoming a CASA:  Upon retirement, I was determined to find something meaningful to do with my free time.  My daughter, who is a therapist and works with CASA’s involved in her own cases, suggested that I look into my local… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary R. Towe

Occupation:  Registered Nurse, currently retired CASA program affiliation:  Washington County Supervisor: Tasha Walls Motivation for Becoming a CASA Volunteer:  My passion is women and children.  As a volunteer for Office of Community Grant Management, Local Management Board of Washington County, I learned of the many unmet needs of families and children in the county. The… Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie A. Hawes

        Age: 47 Community: Forest Hill Occupation: Attorney (Currently inactive while I raise my children) CASA Program Affiliation: Harford County Motivation for Becoming a CASA: I want to give those children who are lacking in recourses, guidance and opportunity the ability to have a single person in their lives that they can… Read more »

Lauren Supplee — CASA of Montgomery County

Name: Lauren Supplee Age: 38 Community: Silver Spring Occupation: Child and family policy researcher CASA program affiliation: CASA of Montgomery County Volunteer for: 7 years Motivation: “I became a CASA volunteer because my job involves child welfare policy and I wanted to stay connected to the kids we serve.” Current case: “I have been working… Read more »

Chief Arnold R. Downing – Worcester County

Name: Chief Arnold R. Downing Service Site: Board Member, Worcester County Length of Service: 7 years Background: Arnold is the Chief of Police for the Berlin Police Department in Worcester County. He has an Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and deviance and a Master’s degree in public administration. He is an instructor for the police training commission and… Read more »

Kim Wiggins – Howard County

Name:Kim Wiggins   Service Site: Howard County CASA   Length of Service: 4 years   Background: Kim is proud to have ventured out on her own as owner of Pampered Chef, Inc where she specializes in providing new and exciting customary kitchen materials. Prior to this role, she worked for 15 years with Wells Fargo… Read more »

Majida Muhammed – Montgomery County

Name:Majida Muhammed   Service Site: Montgomery County CASA   Length of Service: 2   years   Background: Majidah is a Spelman College graduate and recent alumni of Teach for America. She is the kindergarten teacher at Wheatley Education Campus in Washington DC.   Why did you choose to volunteer for CASA? From an early age, I was… Read more »