Certificates for the Revealing the Problem: Defining the Commercial Sexual Explotation of Youth’ webinar

To view your Certificate or CEU, select your name from the list below. You can save the file to your computer or print a copy. Remember to give your certificates to your CASA supervisor. Please contact us at contact@marylandcasa.org or call 410-828-6761 if you have any questions.


Shukrat Abbas

Janice Abbott

Mordechai Abrahams

Joseph Adetayo

Laurie Manns Adolph

Howard Bernstein

Maria Bhatti

Mary Bogdan

Deanna Boston

Chrissy  Burbank

Erica Byrne

Michael Campagnoli

Ana Carbajal

Steve Christofferson

Sally Cicotte

Yelitza Conover

Betsey Cooley

Judith  DeBrandt

Pamela Dorsey

Shirley Eldringhoff

Susan Green

Theona Hall

Charles Harris

Cherie Harris

Linda Hershman

Bonnita Hill

Jeanine Hoover

Debra  Huebner

Justine  Johnson

Maureen Johnston

Susan  Joslow

Ed Kilcullen

Martha Landesberg

Debra Linsenmeyer

Karen Loewenberg

Jennifer Manner

Michelle Martin

Ayeke Messam

Paula O’Connor

Ann Oidick

Renee Orlove

Carol Parks

Celia Peacock

Blair Potter

Barry Raymond

Mitchell Ross

Susan Schumacher

Janice Schwarz-Lantner

Lucretia Scott

Patrick  Seidl

Ann Simpers

Brigitte Southworth

Newton Stablein

Kristie  Tanner

Eva Tchakpana

Lisa Turner

Sheree White

Suzanne  Whitmore

Kimberly Williams

Jacquelyn Williams

Sibyl Wright

Cydney Yerushalmi