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What is CASA of Prince George's County, Inc.?

CASA/Prince George’s County, Inc. was founded in 1992 through a collaborative effort of stakeholders to address the unmet needs of children in foster care.  In 2000, CASA was reorganized by an independent Board of Directors comprised of community, civic and business leaders.  Since 2001, the staff and volunteers at CASA have worked tirelessly to not only protect the best interests of the children we serve but also to ensure the rights of all children in foster care. 

What is the Need?

  • Over 500 children are in foster care in Prince George’s County due to abuse or neglect
  • CASA provided a voice to over 140 children and youth last year
  • Only 10% of our volunteers are men.  Many boys and young men in foster care lack a positive male role model in their lives.
  • 86% of the youth we serve are 14-20 years old and need additional support to prepare for adulthood

How Can You Help?

Volunteer Spotlight: Nathaniel Wallace

Nathaniel WallaceAge: 29

Occupation: Student Accountability Coordinator, Hyattsville Middle School

CASA program affiliation: Prince George’s County

Volunteer for:  Transitioning youth, youth with disabilities

Motivation: When Nathaniel first came to CASA he was deeply motivated by the plight of youth with disabilities. In many ways it is excruciatingly easy to get lost in the foster care system. Without the right services and attention, a youth can languish in assorted foster homes for their entire childhood, and age out without any skills (either professional or emotional) to sustain them. This risk is heightened for youth with disabilities, delays and mental health issues, who are less likely to be able to self-advocate. Nathaniel was moved to help those who couldn’t speak for the justice that they deserve.

Current case: Nathaniel’s current case is high priority and high need. Despite this, many people at CASA were convinced it was un-assignable from the youth’s out of state status. His youth had been in various out of state institutions for the past few years, and he only met her in person when she returned to Maryland quite recently (he was an instrumental part of that process). His youth has so many needs, and he has had close to daily contact with her and her caretakers. The magistrate assigned to the case especially appreciates his service and often relies on him for crucial information. Nathaniel’s successes in advocating for his youth include such diverse things as medication management, personal safety, appropriate placement, appropriate educational planning and general social/emotional support.


pg-county-fundraiserOn October 15th, over 1,000 parents and children came out to the 5th annual Pepco’s World of Wheels/Touch a Truck Festival. The festival was a record setting fundraiser for CASA of Prince George’s County, raising more than $15,000! As CASA of Prince George’s County’s only public fundraiser, the event focuses on “what childhood should be – exploration and fun” according to deputy director Kara Bundy.

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