Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce Craig (Formerly Joyce Lewis)

Joyce CraigAge: 48 years old

Community: Charles County (Waldorf)

Occupation: I am a Human Resources Evaluator.  I ensure proper hiring within a large Federal agency.

CASA program affiliation: CASA of Charles County since October 2014

Motivation: To make a difference to someone that doesn’t always have someone on their side. My father passed when I was 12 years old, and some of his last words to me were for me to “be somebody”.  I knew that he was looking to pass on his legacy of educating and helping others.  Since that time, I have always sought ways to impact those that stand in need, those that may not have a voice, and those that need a helping hand through their current circumstances.

Current case: This is my first CASA case and I am working with a young boy born teen parents struggling with drug addiction. They are currently sober and establishing themselves so that they can regain custody of their son. He currently resides under the guardianship of other family members.

Challenges Facing Today’s Foster Children &  Youth: The main challenge I see facing today’s foster youth is aging out of the system and facing the task of navigating society without full benefit of the familial resources often taken for granted by youth not within the foster care system. I feel that life skills like applying for jobs, higher education, financial management, and self-maintenance are especially crucial for these vulnerable children as they navigate the child welfare system.