Board Resources


Board Confidentiality Agreement Oregon

Board Confidentiality Policy NJ

Confidentiality Policy for Board MD

Confidentiality Statement for Board Members Nebraska


Board Application 502, Mont Co

Board Assessment Tool, PGC

Board Member Nomination Form, PGC

Board Member Profile Form 09-14-09, AAC

Board of Directors Job Description, Mont Co

Board Position Description, PGC

Board Selection Procedures v2, PGC

Board Selection Steps

Recruiting and Vetting Nonprofit Board Members

Role of the Board, AAC


21st Century Board Essentials

Advisory Council

Board Fiduciary Roles

Board Members Form 990 Review Checklist

Board Statement of Agreement Talbot


The Strategic Board Mini-Workshop

Moving Forward for Children Modules

Roles and Responsibilities

Board 101 Roles and Responsibilities

Board 101-Facilitator’s Script 11.08

Handout-Basic Responsibilities Worksheet

Handout-Board & staff role quiz

Handout-Board Evaluation Instrument-11.08

Board’s Role in Fundraising

Board Member’s Role in FR-Facilitator’s Script 11.08

Board Member’s Role in Fundraising Power Point-11 2008

Handouts-Board Member’s Role in FR

Handouts-Board Member’s Role in FR2

Strategic Planning

Are We Ready Handout

Strategic Planning-Getting Ready

Strategic Planning-Getting Ready – Facilitator Script 11.08

Succession Plan

Emergency Succession Plan Template

Sample Executive Succession Plan Policy

Succession Planning

Succession Planning Facilitator’s Script-11.08